Jason Parker Pursuing First Ever APC Series Win this Saturday at Flamboro

Jason Parker

PORT ELGIN, ON – Well-liked veteran Jason Parker will hope to mark an important win off of his racing bucket list this Saturday, as the APC United Late Model Series rolls into Flamboro Speedway for Round 2 of its 2019 season.

“We’ve been close to winning one of these (APC Series) races for years and just haven’t been able to seal the deal yet,” says Parker. “It’s motivating as much as it is frustrating. Because, every time you get close and miss, it reminds you of how badly you want it. I won’t be satisfied until we win one of these races.”

Parker had a quietly successful Round 1 at Sunset Speedway on May 18th, tallying a 14th-place finish in his first Pro Late Model appearance since the 2017 season.

“We had more than a 14th-place car at Sunset but I was happy just to get the feeling for Pro Late (Model) racing again,” says Parker. “Our team raced a Limited Late Model last season and it takes a little while to come back to the crate motor stuff and feel comfortable again.”

“I was thankful that we got the data that we did and left Sunset without having to do many repairs, but other than that, all it did was let us know that we needed to up our game a bit for when we get to Flamboro. We’ll be pushing for a win this Saturday.”

After a number of close-calls and near-misses over the course of three previous seasons spent following the APC Series across Ontario, Parker believes that his JP Motorsports outfit is finally ready to break through to victory lane.

“I’m positive that you won’t find a single guy on this roster that’ll tell you that you can succeed on this tour without your absolute best,” explains ‘The New Age Punisher’. “This isn’t the place where you can just fluke and luck your way into wins. Not against this caliber of competition.”

“We’ve been racing as a team for close to twenty years and we haven’t ever raced against the quality of talent that this tour gets for every race. We’re taking our program seriously because we know every other driver on the roster is too.”

“We’re ready to win,” continues Parker. “The plan for Saturday is to come in and take what’s given to us and adjust to it as the night plays out. We have a program that can be a factor. I just need to make the right decisions when it matters the most.”