Jason Parker Pumped To Be Back At The Beach Full-time In 2018

Jason Parker
PORT ELGIN, ON – After three years splitting time between his much-accomplished Limited Late Model program and Pro Late Model outfit, veteran Jason Parker will instead devote his full attention to his team’s weekly Sauble Speedway program in 2018.

‘The New Age Punisher’ will look for a second consecutive Sauble Ltd. Late Model championship in addition to chasing the full Great Lakes Concrete Ltd. Late Model Series schedule.

“The way things are right now – it’s real tough to divide your attention between divisions and have any kind of success,” explains Parker. “We don’t want to be ‘good enough’ in two different cars – because we’d sooner be great in one of them. We know that our Limited Late [Model] program is real strong right now – and we can only imagine how much better it can get this season.”

Parker – a longtime Sauble Speedway regular – has amassed 5 career championships at the Owen Sound-area bullring over a career that has spanned nearly two decades. This season, he hopes to doubledown with both a weekly championship as well as the mini-series title.

“When we’re hot, I think our team is right up there with the absolute best guys in the province,” says Parker. “This season we have one car and one goal – and that’s to win as many Limited Late [Model] races as possible.”

“If we can come out and just start cracking off wins – we know the points will take care of themselves. That’s the way we’re approaching this season. We want to win races more than anything.”

And, while Parker has no immediate plans for a return to Pro Late Model competition this season, it’s certainly not something he’s ready to rule out in the near future. “We may put something together when The [APC] series comes to town, But that’s about it, Says Parker.

“I’m not at the point where I’m ready to say I’m never going back to the [APC United Late Model Series] tour or to Pro Late Model racing,” explains the fan favourite. “Right now our number one focus is on our weekly Sauble program – but you never know what’s coming right down the road for us.”

“At the end of the year we’ll reevaluate just like we always do,” continues Parker. “But, for right now, we’re fully invested in our Limited Late Model stuff and seeing just how far we can take this program in 2018.” “I’m also , Very excited to be chasing Nascar points as well this season, Something new is always a good thing to keep you invested.”