Jason Parker Entering Great Lakes Series Round 3 with High Expectations

Jason Parker
PORT ELGIN, ON – Multi time Sauble Speedway champion Jason Parker has not yet won a Great Lakes Concrete Ltd. Late Model Series event, but he’ll enter Round 3 of the mini-series at Sauble on Thursday night fully intending on snapping that streak.

“We feel like we can win every time this car comes off of the trailer,” says Parker. “We’re definitely not the ‘participation ribbon’ guys. We don’t spend as many hours in the shop as we do just to come out on Saturday and say that we tried our best. We want to win. We haven’t gotten one of these series races under our belt yet – so we’re as motivated as it gets”

When asked his thoughts on possible strategies for the 75-lap event, Parker hints that foresight and restraint is likely to be every bit as important as a perfect setup package.

“I think your winner on Thursday is going to be the guy that made the best decisions from Lap-1 to Lap-75,” explains ‘The New Age Punisher’. “It doesn’t matter how good you are on lap-10. It really doesn’t. And, I think a lot of us forget that from time to time. You need to hold back until it really matters”

“If you burn your stuff up in the first half of the race, it’s not going to matter if your team gave you the best car you’ve ever sat in,” continues Parker. “Because, once you burn your stuff up, you’re a sitting duck. We need to keep that from happening if we want a chance at winning this deal”

While Parker entered the 2018 campaign as an early favourite to win the first-year Great Lakes Series championship, he has yet to fully establish himself as a perennial contender in the 75-lap feature events – which is a trend he hopes to put an end to this week.

“I’m not sure we’ve even come close to hitting our potential in these longer races so far this year,” admits Parker. “This car has a lot more in it and so do I. I know that if we can qualify well and if I can keep the tires on this thing, then we’re going to have a real good shot at this win. I’m not willing to accept anything less than that on Thursday.”