Jason Parker Doubles Down with Twin Victories in Sauble Speedway Opener

Jason Parker Sauble Speedway 2018
PORT ELGIN, ON – Jason Parker reminded fans and competitors alike of why he’s considered a perennial contender at ‘the Beach’ during last Saturday’s 2018 season opener.

The veteran competitor swept both ends of the evening’s twin 35-lap features, showcasing the same talent that has carried him to multiple championships and the distinction of being known as one of the most winningest drivers in modern Sauble Speedway history.

“When you have a good car here it can absolutely make you feel like you’re on top of the world,” beamed Parker post-race. “I’m not sure we could have dreamt this night working out any better. These guys work so hard on this piece and all of that paid off tonight. The car was as drivable as anything I’ve ever brought here. I could run this car anywhere I needed to – and that made all the difference in the end.”

The second feature event showcased the battle of the night, as Parker worked feverishly to turn back teammate and longtime friend Scott McTeer in a back-and-forth battle that had the entire grandstands captivated.

“Scotty kept us honest all night long,” said the Port Elgin, ON veteran. “It’s great to have him back racing every weekend because having a guy like him on track with you is only ever going to make you better as a racer. We’re great friends, but we’re both as competitive as anyone you’re ever going to meet. I can see us pushing each other all season just like we did tonight.”

Now batting 1.000 in Sauble competition this season, Parker knows he doesn’t quite have the luxury of returning home and skipping any nights in the shop – not with drivers like McTeer, Josh Stade, Tim Ellis and Marvin Freiburger nipping at his heels.

“No matter how many races we win we’re never going to stop working to get better,” said Parker. “These guys are never going to quit putting in effort to make sure we have the best car possible.”

“There’s no chance we’re going to go home this week and just put our feet up and relax,” continued the fan-favourite. “Any time you can win two features in one night there’s going to be a lot to like about your car. But, at the same time I noticed a few things that I know we can improve on for [Week 2]. We’ll get back in the shop this week and clock some hours and hopefully we’re even better next time these fans see us.”