Jake Zevenbergen Hopes to Set Course for Victory Lane in Sauble Speedway Opener

Jake Zevenburgen

SAUBLE BEACH, ON – Following a near-miss in his pursuit of a 2017 Sauble Speedway Thunder Car championship, rising star Jake Zevenbergen is ready to get back to work this Saturday as ‘the Beach’ welcomes in its 2018 season.

“We know that no matter what we accomplished last season – you’re only as good as your last race,” insists Zevenbergen. “I was so proud of how well we performed last Summer, but if we can’t back it up this year then there’s a good chance we’ll just get lost in the shuffle of this division. I can’t let that happen. We’re coming out guns blazing to grab a win this Saturday.”

The second-generation racer understands as well as anyone just how treacherous Sauble can be – particularly within the confines of a 25-lap feature – and hopes to get a quick jump on Saturday’s feature event in order to be in the mix for his first career Season Opener win.

“These races can feel like they’re over as soon as they get started – so you really can’t sit around and wait for the perfect moment,” explains the multi-time feature winner. “You have to take what comes your way and find out how to make it work.”

“Sauble has always been a tough place to pass and I’m sure it hasn’t gotten any easier over the off-season – we’ll just have to figure things out and ourselves in a position to strike and get a finish we can be excited about.”

And, while Zevenbergen’s championship aspirations are clear-cut, the Sauble Beach, ON racer notes that a win this weekend is every bit as much for his team members as it is for his spot in the division’s points standings.

“We’ve put more hours in this car over the Winter than I could even begin to count,” says Zevenbergen. “After all of that work – it would really put some fuel back in the tank of this team if we could come out and take down a win on Opening Night.”

“I want to ride home with my guys knowing that we accomplished something on Saturday night – that’s what’s going to fire us up and get us motivated to put in the final touches this week.”