Jake Zevenbergen Expects 2018 to be Toughest Test to Date

Jake Zevenburgen
SHALLOW LAKE, ON – After a breakout season in 2017 that saw fans and insiders across the province recognize his family-owned program as one of the most rapidly improved entities in Ontario, rising Thunder Car division star Jake Zevenbergen is ready for an even stiffer challenge when he returns to competition for 2018.

“Our division doesn’t ever seem to take a step backwards – it’s tougher every single year,” offers the Shallow Lake, ON product when asked his thoughts entering the 2018 Sauble Speedway season. “I think that says a lot about the quality of racers we have on our roster. They just get better and better.”

“We know what we’re up against and we’re ready to work,” continues Zevenbergen with a smile. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Still riding a wave of momentum from a 2017 campaign that saw him collect three weekly feature wins at Sauble Speedway, Zevenbergen will head into 2018 focused on returning to the forefront of the Thunder Car division.

“Our team is coming into this season feeling like we have something to prove,” admits Zevenbergen. “I really need to show people that the success we had last season was no accident. We’re for real and we’re ready to prove it.”

“The number one thing I’d love to do is add a big win to our list of accomplishments,” continues the longtime Sauble regular. “We plan on racing against the best teams in the province all summer to test ourselves. I want the opportunity to roll into a big race at a place like Sunset and steal the show – because I know it’s something people will be talking about.”

Zevenbergen will have his chance to log a high-profile Sunset Speedway win during the upstart Great Lakes Concrete Series – which will host 6 events for the Thunder Car/Super Stock division split between Sunset and Sauble Speedway.

“The [Great Lakes Concrete] Series is absolutely going to bring some hype into the division this season,” says Zevenbergen. “We’re going to do our best to follow the entire tour because those are the types of races that we want to add to our resume.”

“This series is going to draw the best of the best – not just from Sauble and Sunset – but from all over Ontario,” adds the second-generation racer. “You can already tell the championship is going to have a ton of prestige around it – and we’ll be ready to do whatever we need to do to add our name to it.”