Jake Zevenbergen Elated With 2017 Sauble Speedway Season

Jake Zevenbergen

SHALLOW LAKE, ON – With a career year in his back pocket, Sauble Speedway prospect Jake Zevenbergen has quickly carved out a reputation for himself as a driver to watch in the talent-rich Thunder Car division.

“It wasn’t a championship season – but it was absolutely still a dream season for us,” beams Zevenbergen. “I’ve never had a car as good as this one. The setup package that our team put together this season was unbelievable. I couldn’t have asked for anything better week after week.”

And while Zevenbergen has displayed innate improvements in each of his fulltime seasons spent at Sauble, he insists the results have not been generated by the latest and greatest in chassis technology – but rather experience on the part of driver and crew.

“Nothing significant has been changed on this car since the day we brought it home – our gains have all come on the setup and driver side of things,” explains the well-spoken fan favourite.

“My team and I know so much more now than we did when we started. Our preparation at the shop is better and so is our organization on race day – it’s all come together and made the difference for us.”

Zevenbergen finished the season 3rd in the championship standings with more feature wins and heat race triumphs than any other driver on the Sauble Speedway Thunder Car roster. Also a pair of runner ups in both Invitationals at the beach.

“Three feature wins this season was huge for us,” says Zevenbergen. “In all of those races we ended up outrunning the guys that we’ve been chasing since we started in this division – which showed us just how far we’ve come.”

“We’re ready to keep after it now,” adds the Shallow Lake, ON racer. “This team isn’t a one and done. We’re here to stay and we’re hoping to be at the front of the field for a real long time.”