Jake Zevenbergen eager to get back to the Track

Jake Zevenbergen

SHALLOW LAKE,ONT –“I’m happy that a pair like Paul and mark have bought the speedway and wish them success, Running a speedway is a full time job if you want it to be successful, not a hobby,”

“I hope they make a effort to try and get the interest of the local people in grey and Bruce county back to the speedway and get a crowd like they do at the local and OHL hockey arenas, because that is what I feel is lacking the most, but also take advantage of the tourist count and show there presence at events like Sandfest”.

“I do not expect any huge moves by them right off the start because that’s just unrealistic, but gradual improvement will speak volumes”.

“I will forever remain optimistic and willing to be helpful toward sauble speedway.”

“As for me, the crew and the car we have just completed some testing on Sunday after complete disassembly and some more improvements this winter, the car is faster, And I am safer which keeps the mother happy haha,”

“We have only a few things to do now like apply decals, check every bolt and some adjustments in the drivers seat for more comfort.

“For as long as I’ve been around this sport, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a race season,” smiles Zevenbergen.

“Between our program and how strong I think it’s going to be and all of the new things happening at [Sauble Speedway], I think 2017 is going to be something our team remembers forever. I’ve been counting down the hours for weeks now”.

The Thunder Car staple credits the pair for generating a new atmosphere for the often overlooked bullring, which could very well lead to a hallmark Summer for the speedway’s competitors and fans.

“There has never been this kind of buzz around Sauble,” adds Zevenbergen, “at least now in my lifetime. It’s a special feeling, man. Every fan and driver I’ve spoken to since Paul [Gresel] bought the speedway have just been chomping at the bit to get back racing”.

And although Sauble’s Thunder Car division has been heralded for several seasons for having one of the province’s most diverse roster, Zevenbergen is confident the speedway’s new direction will provide fresh opportunities for the roster to establish itself as one of the best around.

“The Thunder Cars have a solid chance of being the most entertaining division every single Saturday,” notes the second-generation star. “The mix of veteran guys and young talent is really exciting. Every night is going to be a battle. Fans are going to get their money’s worth – I can guarantee that”.

Catch Jake Zevenbergen and the rest of the Sauble Speedway Thunder Car division in action when they kick off their 2017 season on Saturday, June 24th.