Jake Zevenbergen “All Smiles ” Following First Feature Win of 2017

Jake Zevenbergen at Sauble Speedway 2017

SHALLOW LAKE, ON – Sauble Speedway up-and-comer Jake Zevenbergen turned heads with his first Thunder Car feature win of the season on Saturday night. With the division hosting an eclectic mix of old and new contenders, Zevenbergen’s victory adds another name to the growing list of racers pining for the 2017 championship.

“We’ve learned a lot about this car every time we’ve had it on track,” beamed Zevenbergen upon clearing post-race technical inspection. “This division is perfect for us – because everything is always changing. The cars get faster, the drivers get better and it’s up to us to figure it all out and find a way to get better as a team”.

“There isn’t a car out here that’s not trying to do the same thing we are,” continued the rising star. “That’s every bit the motivator that we need. We have to do whatever it takes to improve every week and be the best car in the pit area – because if it’s not us it’ll be someone else”.

With Sauble’s abbreviated season reaching its halfway point, Zevenbergen’s victory is an important boost to his title aspirations.

“We still have a lot of schedule to go – but we want to make sure we have this car all the way sorted out sooner rather than later,” explained Zevenbergen. “With a field as tight as this, if you dig yourself a hole early, it can be real tough to pull out of it”.

“I know that our team has everything it needs to be successful – it’s just all about piecing it all together. The competition out here is as good as it’s been in a real long time. And, as hard as it’s been to run up front the last few seasons, it’s going to be even more difficult this year”.

“But, we don’t have a problem with hard work,” added the Shallow Lake, ON standout with a smile. “We can be as good as any other team on the roster – but it’s not going to happen by accident”.

With his first trip to victory lane completed – the second-generation racer wasted little time in looking ahead to his next Sauble appearance on Saturday, July 22nd.

“We needed a big race tonight,” said Zevenbergen. “This was a huge moment for us. This lit a fire under us that we want to keep burning for the rest of the season. This is the best feeling in the world and I’d love to do anything we can to get back here next week”.

“It definitely wasn’t given to me, After being put throw the infield I had to go to the back of the pack and work my way throw the field, After a great battle with the 2016 track champion, This old girl came throw and got the job done”.