Jake Sheridan Adds Sauble Speedway Pro Late Model Action to His 2019 Schedule

Jake Sheridan

MOUNT BRYDGES, ON – Eager to follow up on a 2018 campaign that saw him earn APC United Late Model Series ‘Rookie of the Year’ honors, second-generation racer Jake Sheridan has plans to stay as busy as possible throughout the 2019 season.

Sheridan has already declared his plans for a return run with the cross-province APC Series this Summer and, this week, has announced his intentions to compete in Sauble Speedway’s upstart Pro Late Model Mini-Series.

“We want to race as much as we can against as much top-level competition as we can find,” explains Sheridan. “The Pro Late (Model) division in Ontario gives you a lot of options right now and our team wants to try and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible.”

“We’re excited to be back on tour with the APC Series, but I think that the races at Sauble will be an awesome way to help me work on my style,” adds the well-spoken teenager. “Bullrings like Sauble are some of the most challenging types of speedways to race on. So, the more laps I can get there, the better off I’m going to be.”

Furthermore, the fact that Sauble represented one of the stiffest tests for Sheridan during APC Series racing in 2018 seemed to further motivate the Mt. Brydges, ON native’s decision to commit to the upcoming mini-series.

“We’ve had some fun at Sauble but it has definitely been one of the trickier spots that we’ve raced at,” smiles Sheridan. “I’m the first to admit that we struggled with the handling there last year. I’m looking forward to putting in some extra laps and finding a way to improve our Sauble program so I can be at my best.”

And, while Sheridan will no doubt be at an experience disadvantage against the veteran-heavy Sauble Pro Late Model roster, that fact does little to dampen the fan favourite’s spirits entering the 2019 campaign.

“There are a ton of guys with a lot more laps at Sauble than us,” admits Sheridan. “But, all that means is we have to work a little harder. It’s nothing to be afraid of. We can’t control who we race against or how long they’ve been racing – but we can control how dedicated our team is and how much effort we put in.”

“I’m excited to get better. I’m ready for all of the laps and all of the work and everything that comes with bettering myself. This series is an awesome experience to work on myself as a racer and that’s exactly what my focus is going to be this Summer.”