Jade Franklin Staying Positive in APC Series Rookie Season

Jade Franklin
COLDWATER, ON – Likeable Pro Late Model freshman Jade Franklin will resume his relentless pursuit of APC Series success this Saturday, August 11th, as the cross-province tour hits Sunset Speedway for Round 7 of the 2018 tour.

The former Super Stock feature winner has been thrown his fair share of curveballs this season, but his family-owned operation has continued to battle their way through adversity, most recently tallying their second-career APC Series top-15 finish during Sauble Speedway’s Beat the Heat 100 last Saturday.

“Our team has never been the one that’s afraid of hard work – but we might be testing that theory week-in and week-out this year,” Franklin Quoted. “But we’re having a blast. Even the bad nights are a lot of fun. We’re working through the challenges we’ve had as a team – and all of it gives us a reminder of just how badly we want to succeed on this tour.”

While Franklin’s transition to Pro Late Model action has come with a pronounced learning curve, there’s no denying the marked improvement he has displayed since his first tour start in May.

“I really believe that this team is moving in the right direction,” says the first-generation racer. “We’re on track with the best drivers in the province every single time we’re at a speedway – and we’re getting better and better every week.”

“Our work absolutely isn’t done yet,” continues Franklin. “But, we’ve been able to really track out our improvements through the second-half of this season and that’s enough to show us that all those shop hours are paying off.”

The chance to be back at Sunset – a facility in which he has logged hundreds of laps in recent seasons – is one that’s relished by the 18-year old.

“It’s going to feel real nice to race in our backyard again after being out on the road for most of the summer,” says Franklin.

“We’ve been working on learning how to adapt to different speedway and different setup packages – it’s going to be a bit of a new experience to be able to unload at a speedway that we already feel comfortable at. It could absolutely end up playing the difference-maker for us.”

“We are currently looking for additional sponsors to help finish off the season, if you are interested please message me.”