Jade Franklin Ready for a Break Out Performance

Jade Franklin Sunset Speedway 2017

COLDWATER, ON – Rising star Jade Franklin has made enormous strides since his Sunset Speedway Super Stock debut in 2015. Now, seemingly on the brink of becoming one of the speedway’s next bright spots, the former Karting standout is ready more than ever to join the upper echelon of the wildly talented division.

“I’m really proud of what our team has done in the last two years,” smiles Franklin. “My guys have been giving me an awesome car right from the start and I’ve just had to catch up to how good it’s been with my driving. We’re in a really good place right now with our equipment and our setup package”.

Hot on the heels of fellow Super Stock standouts Matt Bentley, Treyten Lapcevich and Jordan Howse – Franklin is focused on becoming the next success story to captivate the speedway and province.

“This is an awesome time for the [Super Stock] division in general,” offers the up-and-comer. “There are a ton of young guys on this roster that are just as hungry as I am. Knowing that is a huge motivator”.

“I’m ready to put the time and effort in to outwork any of these teams. They don’t have anything that we don’t. They aren’t capable of anything that we’re not. It’s just all about investing the hours and making the right decisions”.

With his Jaded Motorsports team behind him, the Coldwater, ON driver feels as though the time has come for his family-owned operation to acclimate themselves to the rare air at the top of the division.

“Pound for pound our team of guys are just as good as anyone else in the pits,” insists Franklin. “Our numbers have improved every season. Our results have shown what direction our team is headed in”.

“My team is getting better and better and I’m ready to be the next guy that the fans are watching for. I want to be someone that people get excited about”.

“2017 is when we get our first win,” smirks the teenager with confidence. “And, once we do, it’s going to show everyone exactly how much potential we have. We’re for real. We’re a threat to any of these guys on any given night. I’m excited to do whatever I have to do to be the next guy at the top of this division”.

Photo credit to Ashley McCubbin