Ignition Issues Not Enough to Dampen Jason Parker’s Spirit Entering APC Series at Peterborough

Jason Parker APC - AIPhotography 2017

PORT ELGIN, ON – Following back-to-back events marred by electrical issues, blue-collar veteran Jason Parker is intent on returning to contention this Saturday, June 17th when the APC United Late Model Series invades Peterborough Speedway.

“No season is ever going to be all positive all the time,” offers the veteran from the team’s Port Elgin, ON shop when asked about his team’s struggles. “That just doesn’t exist”.

“Wether you’re out there winning the feature every other Saturday or running 15th, you’re going to be dealing with some issues. Wether its equipment problems or mechanical problems or guys stuffing you in the fence – that level of push back is always going to be there. You just have to man up and deal with it”.

Parker’s JP Motorsports squad will enter Saturday’s 100-lap contest in search of their first career series win. And, despite a rocky start, ‘The New Age Punisher’ leaves little to interpretation when asked if continuing to follow the tour on a full time basis was ever in question for the team.

“Man, we’ve come way too far and invested too much time in this program to turn back now,” insists Parker. “We’re not done racing for wins. Not by a longshot. You haven’t seen the last of us. This team and this program is built to win races – and we’re excited to remind people of that this Saturday”.

With nearly two decades spent competing within Ontario’s short track scene, Parker is no stranger to the ups and downs of racing, wether it be racing weekly at his local track or following the most talent-laden tour across the province.

“We haven’t had a season yet where we weren’t to battle through something like this,” says the fan favourite. “Long nights and hard work is what this deal is all about.

“If it were easy then everyone would do it. We’ve battled through things like this before, we know how to fight through it. Saturday is a perfect opportunity to get our season moving in the right direction”.

Photo credit to Ialphotography