Hudson Nagy Targets 2019 Flamboro Speedway Championship Run

Hudson Nagy

MOUNT HOPE, ON – Blue-chipper Hudson Nagy will once again compete full-time at Flamboro Speedway in 2019. The Pro Late Model rising star displayed considerable improvement throughout his 2018 sophomore campaign and hopes to parlay his recent successes into a push for a first Late Model championship.

“We’ve taken our time building up our program brick by brick,” Said Nagy. “It really feels like we’re at a place now where we’re ready to contend every week for an entire season. We’re strong enough to be champions. We haven’t cut any corners and we haven’t skipped any steps – we’ve done it all the right way”

A previous winner in Flamboro’s Mini Stock and Super Stock divisions, Nagy has long-credited the Pro Late Model roster’s depth of talent and the quality of competition presented by the headline division on a weekly basis.

“I’ve been real fortunate to race against some top-tier talent (in Mini Stock and Super Stock) but I think this is the best group of teams I’ve ever raced against,” explains the fourth-generation racer.

“From too to bottom there’s not another division I’ve raced in that has challenged me more. Everyone is fast. Everyone is a handful. Everyone takes their programs seriously. There aren’t any easy laps and you definitely have to pack a lunch if you want to compete with these teams”

The Mount Hope, ON product prefers to view his team’s pursuit of a championship as a week to week battle as opposed to a large scale four month endeavour.

“I’m doing all that I can to simplify our season as much as possible,” explains the prodigy. “We need to unload with our best stuff every single Saturday and do our best to make gains every time we hit the track. We don’t have the luxury to take a step backwards”

“I think that if you look at your season as a big four-month block of time it can be easy to get lost in your own head. I don’t want that. The plan is to have a great run on ‘Opening Night’ and then to improve on that performance every single Saturday right up until the end of September.”

Support for Hudson Nagy’s 2019 Flamboro Speedway season is provided by Jukasa Motor Speedway, Pro Fit Health Club, Grand River Spa, Grand River Insurance Brokers, Jukasa Designs, Sit-N-Bull Gas & Variety, Village Cafe, Village Pizza, Jukasa Radio 93.5 FM, Jukasa Media Group, Sit-N-Bull Tire and Sit-N-Bull Construction.