Hudson Nagy Planning Championship Push in 2019

Hudson Nagy

MOUNT HOPE, ON – Fourth-generation star Hudson Nagy showcased considerable upside throughout his 2018 season. And, with that momentum still fresh in his mind, the former Super Stock standout is energized for what he hopes will be a run towards a first career Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model championship.

“I’m not afraid to admit that we have higher expectations for this season than we did at this time last year,” smirks Nagy. “The story of our 2018 was us getting comfortable and finding that confidence level to make the right decisions on race day. We feel better now than we ever have – so it’s time to turn up the intensity a bit.”

After a strong finish to his 2018 season, Nagy is eager to return to action this Saturday for Flamboro’s 2019 season opener – with hopes of injecting his family-owned program into the championship conversation early.

“We found our momentum late in the season (in 2018) and I really didn’t want to stop,” says Nagy. “Our team was in a groove where it felt as though we were faster every time we hit the track. Every practice session, every heat race and every feature felt better than the one that came before it.”

“This Saturday it’s on us to get that momentum back. A big run on Opening Night – especially a win – will put us at the top of the standings and in the right mind frame for the rest of the season.”

With the right family support and sponsorship backing behind him, Nagy believes 2019 is his ideal chance to lay claim to his first career track championship.

“Being a champion at Flamboro is something that I want more than anything else in this sport. That’s where our focus is at as a team. We believe that we have the equipment and the people to make it happen. The driver just needs to do his job.”

“Last season felt like I was really coming into my own,” continues Nagy. “Now, I want to prove that it wasn’t a one-off or a fluke. I’ve learned a lot in the last two years racing this car, now I want to use those lessons to take our stuff to the next level.”