Hard Work pays off for First Time Winner Johnny Paradzinski

Johnny Pardzinski
ALLISTON, ON – In the midst of a tumultuous freshman foray into Mini Stock competition, Sunset Speedway sophomore Johnny Paradzinski broke through for his first career division win in a workmanlike performance on Saturday, July 22nd.

‘’This team never stopped believing that we could get back to winning,” beamed Paradzinski when asked of his family-run operation’s somewhat frustrating start to the 2017 season. “We knew if we just kept our heads down and worked that things would eventually turn around for us. We kept after it”.

“Every single Saturday we’ve been out here on our grind just working to get better. Now that we’ve put together the right combination I can’t wait to see how far we can take this”.

And although his team now has their much-coveted first win in their hip pocket, Paradzinski will not be in action on July 29th to attempt a follow-up triumph. Instead, the rookie has decided to step back from on-track action for several weeks to make some much needed repairs to his lone chassis.

‘’As awesome as it is to win – I know that we need to take a step back for a few weeks,’’ explained the 2016 MIGHTY Division champion. “That was our plan coming into last weekend”.

Weather we won or we wrecked, we had planned to take some time off because we knew this car needs some TLC invested in it. We’re going to put in some shop-time so we can come back mid-August and be ready to get back to the top”.

But, as difficult as his rookie season in the talent-laden Mini Stock division has been, the mild-mannered Paradzinski is still able to absorb the positives of his exasperating early season.

‘’We knew that we were in for a rough road this season, but I’m not sure we could have imagined it being this rough,’’ laughed the Alliston, ON native. “It’s been tough for us but we’ve learned a lot”.

“We’ve taken our lumps almost every night but we’ve come out on the other side stronger than ever. We’re more ready than ever to make an impact down the stretch. These next few weeks are going to help us get even better – and then we’ll be back and ready to win again”.