Gerrit Tiemersma Taking Aim at Jukasa Motor Speedway’s 5k

Gerrit Tiemersma

Newmarket,ON– After turning in an impressive 2018 campaign at the helm of his family’s Super Stock program, Sunset Speedway mainstay Gerrit Tiemersma is ready for the next step in his career as a contender at any Speedway in Ontario.

While he’s been a regular racer in Sunset’s Super Stock division for the better part of a couple seasons, picking up features at Flamboro as well as Sunset Tiemersma will be looking to add some JMS hardware to his trophy collection.

“I don’t think I could pretend for a minute that winning a race at such an event for so much money wouldn’t be the biggest highlight of my racing career to this point.”

“When you go from only having to worry about driving to the front and trying to win races – against 10 drivers on a regular basis to 30 at Jukasa it’s on a whole different level, stats Gerrit.

Now, after a strong start to the 2019 season, Tiemersma hopes to move from perennial top-5 contender to a certified threat for a first career BIG time event winner.

“Getting our hands on a (Super Stock division) race like this is number one on my list of priorities right now,” says Tiemersma. “I feel like we’re past the point of just making laps and paying our dues. Our program is good enough that chasing a dream isn’t unrealistic at all.”

“I’ve made my share of mistakes in this division and I’ve learned from every one of them.”

And, while adding a Jukasa 5k cheque to his resume would undoubtedly improve Tiemersma’s notoriety – the rising star insists that securing his team’s first ever division triumph represents far more than simple bragging rights.

“For me – a win next Saturday represents something that I can wrap my hands around and point to as the reason I’ve made all the sacrifices that I have these last few years,” explains Gerrit.

“This sport takes a lot of hours and a lot of money. Our team has put in a lot of both of those for a long time – and I’m hoping that we can turn all that into a huge win, that’s what we’re aiming for.”