Gerrit Tiemersma set for Jukasa Motor Speedway Prelude this Saturday

Gerrit Tiemersma

NEWMARKET, ON – Sunset Speedway Super Stock regular Gerrit Tiemersma will make his first ever Jukasa Motor Speedway appearance this Saturday as part of the speedway’s ‘Prelude to the Nationals’ event.

The 30-lap Super Stock race is forecasted to draw the top names in the division from every corner of the province, as team’s work to secure the provisional starting spot for September’s Canadian Short Track Nationals that will be awarded to the ‘Prelude’ winner.

“I’m trying to remember the last time I was this anxious for a race night,” admits Tiemersma with a laugh. “Our whole team is just counting down the hours at this point. We’ve been so excited to race at Jukasa and we can’t wait to make that a reality.”

“The excitement level surrounding this event is huge,” adds the Newmarket, ON native. “Jukasa does an awesome job of making all of their races feel like something you can’t miss out on. We didn’t have the right program to be a part of the Nationals last season but we promised ourselves that we’d do whatever we had to over the off-season to make sure we were at Jukasa (in 2019).”

Tiemersma’s Jukasa debut couldn’t come at a better time, as his Wayfreight-sponsored program appears to be reaching new heights in weekly competition at Sunset as well as on the road at other speedways across Ontario – with the team having just recently secured a runner-up finish at Flamboro Speedway on June 15th.

“The Super Stock division is real tight from top to bottom right now no matter what speedway you’re racing at,” explains Tiemersma. “It’s just been getting better and better each year. Every season teams are out there putting more work in and doing more research and spending more money, the division never seems to stay in the same place.”

“We’ve done absolutely everything possible to change with the division,” continues the third-generation racer. “I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built this team into. I like our chances against any team at any speedway right now. It’s hard not to feel confident when you see just how much effort goes into this deal behind the scenes.”

For a regional success story like Tiemersma, he sees an opportunity to compete at Jukasa as a means of introducing himself to a much larger fanbase on Ontario racing’s biggest stage.

“When you can set yourself apart from your competitors at a place like Jukasa – it’s something that people notice, “These are the types of races that fans will remember for a long time.”

“Our team has worked real hard to make a name for ourselves at Sunset and now we’re real excited for the chance to do the same thing on a province-wide level. We know that the top guys are coming out for this race and they’re bringing their best stuff. If we want to get to the front, we’re going to have to outwork the best of the best.”