Gerrit Tiemersma Represents Changing Face of Super Stock Division

Gerrit Tiemersma 2017

NEWMARKET, ON – In a rapidly changing Super Stock climate, the modern day divisional standout is younger than ever before. Teen aged winners have become the norm in Sunset’s notoriously deep talent pool and Rookie of the Year contender Gerrit Tiemersma is intent on becoming the new crown jewel of the under-25 crowd.

“The [Super Stock] division is an exciting place to be a part of right now,” beams Tiemersma with his trademark smile. “We’re the most exciting roster there is at the moment – in my opinion. Between the veterans and the young guys that are coming up and trying to make a name for themselves there are a lot of pretty interesting story lines”.

The former Mini Stock winner is the latest in a number of multi-generational talents that have utilized the Super Stock division as a way of endearing themselves to Sunset’s expanding fan base.

“I think guys like Jordan [Howse] and Johnny [Morrison] and myself have a bit of an advantage over other younger drivers that are just starting out because we’ve been raised around all of this,” offers the Newmarket, ON driver.

“I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t coming to the speedway,” continues the rising star. “I’ve watched guys win races and championships at Sunset all my life. Now, I’m trying to figure out to put it all together for our own program”.

And although Tiemersma does not have the same tenure as the more grizzled members of the Super Stock roster, the experience gap does little to dampen the teenager’s spirit.

“I don’t mean to sound cocky at all – but I’m not intimidated by any other driver in the pits,” insists Tiemersma. “I’m honoured to compete with the guys on the Super Stock roster. I respect everyone I compete against. But, I’m not afraid of them. On the track, these guys have a seat and a steering wheel just like I do”.

“I hope to have the chance to be doing this for a long time,” says the third-generation racer. “This has been in my family for a long time and it’s a pretty incredible feeling to be able to continue that tradition”.

“I’m having the time of my life right now just trying my best to figure this sport out. It’s only been four weeks and I already feel like I know twice as much as I did on practice day in April. Hopefully we can keep up that level of growth all season”.