Gerrit Tiemersma Hoping to Return to Rookie of the Year Battle this Saturday

Gerrit Tiemersma at Sunset Speedway 2017
NEWMARKET, ON – After losing significant ground in the race for the 2017 Super Stock Rookie of the Year title during last weekend’s Double Features event, popular freshman Gerrit Tiemersma will be back at Sunset Speedway this Saturday intent on clawing his way back into the hunt.

“I think we’ve experienced just about the best and the worst nights we could’ve asked for this season,” laughs Tiemersma when asked his thoughts on his freshman Super Stock campaign.

“In the span of three or four weeks we had nights that were better than I ever thought they would be, followed by nights that really sent us home scratching our heads,” adds the third-generation racer. “Through it all, my Dad just keeps telling me that the highs and lows are what this sport is all about.”

Tiemersma entered this season off of a fantastic 2016 Mini Stock season that saw him earn a win and a number of podium finishes. This season, mere weeks after jumping into a Super Stock for the first time, the fan favourite earned his first career division win to fully establish himself as a prospect worthy of keeping an eye on.

“The rookie title is as big as a championship for us,” admits Tiemersma. “We’d love nothing more than to be able to say we’re the best rookie team here. The competition is real stout, but I haven’t given up home for a second. We can still win this thing if we dig our heels in and make the right decisions.”

With the help of his father – former Sunset Speedway champion Steve Tiemersma – Gerrit is more than ready to reestablish some much-needed momentum during this Saturday’s NASCAR Whelen All-American Series event.

“We can’t have any more lost nights,” insists the Newmarket, ON veteran. “If we want the rookie title then we have to unload at our best every Saturday from now until the end of September.”

“Dad and I have been in the shop every night this week to make sure things are right for Saturday. It’s going to be the first day of the rest of our season – and we’re hoping to make a big impression.”