Gerrit Tiemersma ‘Grateful’ for 2017 Rookie Experience

Gerrit Tiemersma

NEWMARKET, ON – Third-generation Sunset Speedway racer Gerrit Tiemersma fashioned a successful rookie campaign during the 2017 Super Stock season.

The Mini Stock graduate earned a feature win and 6 top-5 finishes throughout the year, en route to carving out a reputation for himself as one of the division’s brightest prospects.

“This year was all about learning as much as we could from the first practice laps until the last night of the season,” explains Tiemersma. “I can’t even explain how many hours we spent poring over this car and our setup just trying to find any way we could to get an edge.”

“It’s been an awesome experience,” adds the well-spoken teenager. “I’m grateful for it. We’ve had a huge learning curve but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

However, in addition to the win and the litany of top-5 performances, Tiemersma struggled to find consistency as his family-owned team battled through a number of mechanical issues during the second half of the season.

“I think we got to work through a little bit of everything this season,” shrugs the third-generation racer with a laugh. “Our first win was a big moment for us but we learned just as much from battling deep in the field.”

“It was up-and-down all year for us – but anyone I’ve ever spoken with has told me that those are the kind of seasons that make you better.”

But, despite the somewhat erratic results, Tiemersma is more than ready for a long off-season of work to ensure his team is ready to take a shot at a Super Stock division championship in 2018.

“We’re ready to do whatever’s necessary to improve next season,” says Tiemersma. “We’ll be in the shop all Winter to be ready for opening night. Our goal is to chase wins every single Saturday next year. We know that we have a team that can contend for a championship as long as we stay consistent.”