Gerrit Tiemersma Focused on 2018 Sunset Speedway Super Stock Championship

Gerrit Tiemersma
NEWMARKET, ON – Third-generation racer Gerrit Tiemersma will return to fulltime Super Stock competition in 2018 with a focus on Sunset Speedway’s weekly championship.

The former Mini Stock standout impressed throughout his rookie Super Stock venture in 2017, registering a first career gesture victory amidst a number of top-5 finishes as he worked quickly to establish himself as one of the most prolific rising stars in the division.

“When I take a step back and look at it all – I couldn’t be prouder of what we did last year,” smiles the teenager. “It was a big step up from where we were in the Mini Stock division but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. We met the challenge head-on as a team. It was a wild ride”

“Our 2017 was all about learning,” continues Tiemersma. “Some things we picked up early in the year and other things we learned the hard way. But, it definitely made us better. We’re ready for something bigger this season.”

As his successful freshman campaign came to a close, Tiemersma was up front with fans and fellow competitors by explaining the team would no doubt return to Super Stock racing, but was uncertain as to what their schedule and number of appearances would look like.

Now, after months of deliberation, the team is ready to begin preparing for a gruelling 20-race season to chase what they hope will be a career defining championship.

“We had people asking us about what our 2018 plans were ever since last August,” says the Newmarket, ON racer. “I was telling people that I wasn’t sure – and I think they thought I was just trying to be overly coy about things. But, we really didn’t know what we would be able to do.”

“We’re a small team so we can’t just run every event that catches our eye,” adds Tiemersma. “We didn’t know if it would make more sense to run for a championship or put together more of a pick-and-choose schedule. Then, once the Great Lakes Concrete Series was announced, it definitely made things tougher.”

Ultimately, Tiemersma’s family-run operation decided to commit to a fulltime schedule at Sunset in addition to what he hopes could be several Great Lakes Concrete Series appearances.

“It makes the most sense for us to focus our resources on trying to win a championship,” says Tiemersma. “But – that doesn’t mean we won’t try and do a few Great Lakes Series races. Six races between Sauble and Sunset sounds awesome and hopefully we can be a part of it at some time during the summer.”

“We just want to make sure that we’re using everything that we have to chase that championship,” continues Tiemersma. “And we don’t think that we would be able to do the full mini-Series and put 100% into our weekly program at the same time.”

“I’m ready for us to take that next step and be with the big guns in this division,” adds the fan favourite. “Winning a Sunset title will absolutely do that for us.”