Gerrit Tiemersma Continues To Tighten Grip on ROTY Point Lead and Top Three in the Point standings

Gerrit Tiemersma Sunset Speedway 2017

NEWMARKET, ON – Third-generation racer Gerrit Tiemersma will carry the Super Stock Rookie of the Year points lead into the midway portion of the season, as the former Mini Stock division standout continues to assert himself as one of the most pleasant surprises of the 2017 campaign.

“I think I’m just as surprised as anyone else with how well our program has worked right from the start,” admits Tiemersma with a laugh. “As soon as things started working for us this season, every Saturday has been a little easier. It’s been awesome. We’re just trying to cut the learning curve as best we can and enjoy our time together as a team”.

Tiemersma notched his first ever Super Stock feature triumph earlier this season and has become a constant presence in an increasingly deep top-5 on a weekly basis.

“There have been so many good, young drivers that have come through this division in the last 5 years – I’m just trying to live up to expectations,” explains the Newmarket, ON racer.

“The bar has been set really high by guys like Lane [Zardo], Cayden [Lapcevich] and Jordan Howse and the division just gets more and more intense every week. The competition out here is incredible. We’re just working nonstop to stay on top of it”.

Now one of the most highly touted up-and-comers on the roster, the son of multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner Steve Tiemersma looks back on his time in the entry-level Mini Stock class with appreciation and credits the class for shaping the skillset that has allowed him to carve out a presence in the Super Stock division so quickly.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the time I spent in the Mini Stock division,” says Tiemersma. “There were a lot of nights – especially early on – where things really didn’t go the way our team had planned. It taught me how to learn. It taught me how to adjust.

“We didn’t start to make the gains that we needed to until I was coming to the speedway with my eyes and ears open. It was a humbling experience that definitely made me better”.

When asked to provide a prediction for how he sees the second half of 2017 playing out, the humble teenager notes he’s more than happy to do his talking from behind the wheel as opposed to making larger-than-life statements.

“We’re just trying to stay the course right now,” offers the third-generation racer with a smile. “I understand that a lot of guys are huge talkers these days and like to tell you exactly what they’re going to do and how well they’re going to do it – but that’s just not my style. I would much sooner let my work speaks for itself”.

“Our team is still building and learning with this car,” adds Tiemersma. “We’re really nowhere near our potential right now. Being in the conversation every week the way we are has been an awesome feeling and I’m just focused on keeping that going”.