Gerrit Tiemersma Confident That ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ For Freshman Operation Entering Velocity 250 Weekend

Gerrit Tiemersma

NEWMARKET, ON – Super Stock standout Gerrit Tiemersma has confirmed his family-owned team has filed entry for this weekend’s Velocity 250 weekend at Sunset Speedway.

Tiemersma finished 2nd in Sunset Speedway rookie points this season, and asserted himself as a weekly threat with his first career feature win earlier this Summer.

“I’m grateful for every single second we’ve spent at the speedway this season,” beams the third-generation star. “We haven’t had any bad nights. I mean, we’ve had some Saturdays that were a little tough, sure. But, we haven’t had a single weekend that we haven’t learned from and moved on.”

“Every Saturday we’ve spent at Sunset has been beneficial to us,” continues Tiemersma. “We’re stronger now than ever before – and that’s because of every week we’ve spent here working and improving. We’ve been in the mix all season in a way that I would never have thought possible when we first rolled out for practice in April.”

When asked if his early-season win was a positive or negative for his growing operation, Tiemersma insists the victory served only to help his team move forward and understand just what their team is capable of.

“The win early in the season was the best thing that could have happened to our team,” explains the Newmarket, ON racer. “It showed us how good we could really be. It gave us something to shoot for every weekend after. It helped push us to the next level and helped ensure that we were coming out and thickening up our notepad every Saturday to try and get back to victory lane.”

Having battled with some of the best that the Super Stock division has to offer all season long, Tiemersma is more than ready to challenge himself against a full field at the Velocity that’s expected to boast some of the best competition in the event’s short history.

“The Velocity is wide open as far as the Super Stocks are concerned,” insists Tiemersma. “It’s anyone’s race. I know that we’re good enough to win if we can put ourselves in the right position. The sky’s the limit for how well we can perform this weekend.”

“Qualifying is so important because you need a strong starting spot,” adds the rookie standout. “If you’re buried back in the field, you’re going to have a tough road ahead of you. We need to make sure we put together two strong heat races in order to start in the first half of the field. From there, it’s all about making the right move at the right time and being there at the end. That’s our gameplan.”