Gerrit Tiemersma Believes Team is Ready to Chase a Championship in 2019

Gerrit TiemersmaNEWMARKET, ON – After weathering an up and down 2018 campaign, Super Stock rising star Gerrit Tiemersma is all-in on his commitment to contending for a Sunset Speedway championship this season.

The third-generation star has done an admirable job transitioning to the Super Stock division after a successful tenure in the Mini Stock ranks but has, thus far, lacked the consistency necessary to launch a legitimate bid for a division championship.

“We need to find a way to grab hold of that momentum when we have it,” admits Tiemersma. “There have been some nights where we’re so good on Saturday, we leave the track, go home and do our week of maintenance and then come back the next weekend and we’re struggling to run in the top-10”

“You can’t do that when you want to race for a championship,” adds the well-spoken standout. “You just can’t be hit and miss and expect to be a factor in this division. Everyone is way too closely matched. If you’re off by a little out here it’s really not any different than being off by a mile”

Still, despite not having finished the season with the overall results they were looking for, Tiemersma is confident that the gains that his team experienced throughout 2018 is a sign of things to come so long as they continue to push forward.

“I know that we’re right on the cusp of doing something big in this division,” says the Newmarket, ON product. “It’s not hard at all to get motivated to keep working when you know that you’re this close. We’ve put in a lot of hours to find our way with a new car and a new division and I really believe that it’s all about to start paying off for us”

While Tiemersma hopes that his family-owned team can secure the financial backing necessary to field a touring program in addition to their weekly championship pursuits, he makes it very clear that Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock division will have his full attention.

“If we can get the sponsorship together I’d like to race as much as we possibly can next year,” explains Tiemersma. “I’ve loved going to Sauble (Speedway) every chance that I’ve had. If we can find the backing, we’ll haul this thing all over the province as much as possible”

“But – at the end of the day – our main goal is bringing back a championship at Sunset. That’s where we’re headed for 2019. We have the right equipment and the right people, now we just have to show that we can put it all together when it counts.”