Gerrit Tiemersma and Wayfreight Aim for Success Across Ontario in 2020

Gerrit Tiemersma

NEWMARKET, ON – 2019 Sunset Speedway Fall Velocity winner Gerrit Tiemersma will once again have the support of primary sponsor Wayfreight in a return to fulltime Super Stock competition this season.

Tiemersma will once again pursue a first career Sunset Speedway championship, with an added focus placed on contending for Crown Jewel event victories on home turf and on the road.

“It’s impossible not to be excited about the program that we’ve built up over the last few years,” says Tiemersma from his family’s Newmarket race shop. “Right now, we have the best car we’ve ever had. This is the best this team has ever been.”

“I see us at a place right now where we’re able to contend every single week – no matter what speedway we’re at,” adds Tiemersma. “We’re good enough to win against any competition in this division. But, now we need to go out and prove that to the rest of the province.”

Tiemersma has quickly transitioned into a student of the game as far as the Super Stock division is concerned, debuting in 2017 and showcasing considerable improvement throughout his three fulltime seasons on the Sunset Speedway roster.

“I’ve been real fortunate to have the chance to race against some of the best teams in the (Super Stock) division right from the time I started,” explains ‘Textbook’. “When you’re out there with the best drivers in the province it’s easy to learn a lot. It’s absolutely made me better.”

“From top to bottom – at any track in Ontario – I’m not sure there’s a division that’s closer matched from week to week,” continues the third-generation star. “Everyone with a Super Stock is a handful. They all take their stuff seriously and they all do things the right way. We’ve learned a lot in the last three years and we’re aiming for (2020) to be the season we put it all together.”

The Super Stock division’s united rule package for the upcoming season is anticipated to allow for larger fields at Crown Jewel and Invitational events than at any time in recent memory, a fact that Tiemersma is using as an unbridled motivator for what he intends to be a very busy 2020 campaign.

“Every track putting together a common set of rules is going to make it a lot easier to travel,” offers Tiemersma. “We’re going to take full advantage of that. We want to stand out at some of the biggest shows around.”

“We’re excited to go out on tour a bit and see just what we can do to contend anywhere we race. We’re ready to unload with our best stuff every single Saturday – no matter where we are – and make the right gains every single time we’re on the track. This is the year we’re going to show the division how far we’ve come.”