Gary Elliott Ready to Pull Double Duty at Frostoberfest for his Last Flamboro Race Weekend

Gary Elliott

WATERDOWN, ON – The former CVM now turned Pro Late Model and Modified Ontario racing veteran will say good bye to the track and fan’s he’s raced at for decades this weekend at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest weekend.

The longtime Flamboro Speedway standout has tallied a lengthy list of strong finishes at the Waterdown Speedway in his career, and this weekend Elliott Motorsports will look to add 2 more as he runs The OSCAAR Modified Series as well as The Grisdale Triple Crown Series Pro Late Model Series finale.

“The thing that’s every bit as refreshing as it is upsetting about the whole weekend is how close everyone is to me,” explains Elliott. “You’re constantly meeting amazing people in this racing world, and that helps you to be better because you know that everyone around you never stops supporting you.”

“Every team is trying to progress. Even the guys that are running up front and winning are going right back to the shop after these events and doing all that they can to get better, we’ve done all we can do to prepare for our final 2 races for this very emotional weekend and are looking forward to finishing off my Flamboro Speedway appearances with quality results.”

“We learned a ton at Sunset,” continues Elliott. “There’s some stuff that we now know works – but there’s a whole list of things that we’ve done work on and are excited to try at Flamboro. This race is a big deal for us.”

Gary Elliott has had success during his Flamboro Speedway competition among many other Speedway’s across Ontario throughout his historic career but Flamboro will always be his home track.

And, while it’s been quite some time since he’s collected the checkers at the Hamilton-area bullring, he remembers enough to know what it takes to park it back in the infield for some post race pictures.

“Flamboro has a reputation as a tough place to race at and it can be honestly,” offers Gary. “You really do have to attack it a certain way if you’re hoping to have any type of success.”

“It’s a high-wire act. You want to be aggressive but not too aggressive that you take yourself out. You want to be patient but not too patient that you bury yourself deep in the field.”

“I have enough confidence in myself and my team that I think we can get a feel for what we need to do during afternoon hot laps and take it from there,” adds the Waterdown Warrior, veteran. “It’s been a long season, but we’d love to get one more win at this track. And, this weekend is an awesome chance to make some more fantastic memories with my crew, sponsors, friends and fan’s.”