Gary Elliott In Search Of First career Modified Championship

Gary Elliott
Dundas, ON – Following another top 5 points finish in OSCAAR Modified Tour standings in 2017, veteran Gary Elliott has announced his team will return to the tour in 2018 with hopes of securing their first series championship.

“Our number one priority next season will be our Modified program,” confirmed Elliott. “I love racing these cars, how the competitors compete and the way this series is run. Our team has been better every season we’ve been racing the [OSCAAR] Modified and I believe the 2018 season will be a window for us to win the championship”

Canada’s ‘Iron Man’ completed his 800th consecutive race night in 2017. The streak started on June 5th 1987, accumulating 31 seasons, to reach this milestone, but another feat is on the horizon.
Elliott states, “2018 will be our 50th season racing stock cars, and I am very grateful to be on the verge of achieving this amazing milestone in our racing career” explained the Dundas, ON native. I could not have made it without help of my family, crew, sponsors, competitors and promoters. I plan on celebrating from one end of 2018 to the other. It’s my jubilee year – and we’re going to be giving back to the fans and promoters”.

“800 nights of racing was an incredible accomplished for us – but 50-years of racing means even more,” continued Elliott. “It’s been a dream come true. I thank God every day for my family, my crew, my sponsors, my fans and my competitors for having made this a one-of-a-kind journey”.

For Elliott, simply taking part in another full season of action is enough to put a smile on his face – a tour championship would be nothing more than icing on the cake. “I love racing, being competitive, and battling on the track with the other drivers, making each night all worthwhile for me,” explained the former Canadian Vintage Modified legend. “It’s not so much where I finish – it’s more that we were there and had the opportunity to race our car. How I race my car is just important as well, wanting to be a witness to my faith by the way I drive my car. Racing is all about the people, and though I don’t remember every finish, I do remember the nights spent with my family, friends and fans at the track”.

“Our hope is to win the OSCAAR Modified Tour championship, we also need one more feature win to give us 40 career feature wins, to go along with 40 seasons of perfect attendance and 40 different race tracks competed on, those goals already accomplished.

“Winning the Modified title would be an awesome highlight for our jubilee season, and my career,” added Elliott. “This is one of the best series of racers I’ve ever competed against. They make every race feel like it means something, great guys; awesome race cars.
If we can find a way to beat them, I’ll have absolutely accomplished something special.”