Frank Davey Hopes to Continue Winning Ways after Saturday Night Triumph

Frank Davey
BARRIE, ON – Fan favourite Frank Davey snapped a four-year winless streak on June 30th. The multi-time champion has showcased a rebuilt and refocused program this season, with Saturday night marking his strongest performance all year.

“That felt way too good for us to go another four years before we do it again,” laughed Davey post-race when asked about his moment spent in victory lane. “We’ve been working towards this night – inch-by-inch – every single week since the last time we won.”

“I knew that we had this in us,” continues the veteran. “We weren’t done. We still aren’t. But, when things weren’t working and a lot of people had written me off, I knew that I was going to get back to victory lane here sooner than later.”

And, while Davey’s return to victory lane was years in the making, his Auto Trim of Barrie-sponsored team is intent to avoid another winless skid.

“We don’t want to just be a one-and-done,” explained the blue-collar standout. “I think we’re good enough to come back and do this again next Saturday. We’ve put the work in to get this program back to where it needs to be and every guy on this team really believes that we can contend now night-in and night-out.”

“We’ve got a few more left in us,” added Davey “It took a lot of work to get rid of some of the bad habits I had picked up over the last few seasons. But, we’re back now. We reminded these guys of how good we can be tonight and hopefully it was just the start of what we can do the rest of the year.”