Frank Davey Hopes to Continue Career Resurgence at Jukasa’s Canadian Short Track Nationals

Frank Davey
INNISFIL, ON – Personable veteran Frank Davey’s return to weekly contention has been one of the pleasant surprises of the 2018 season thus far.

The longtime Super Stock heavyweight was forced through several seasons of middling results before reinventing his program at the close of the 2017 campaign.

“If you wait around long enough then everything old is new again,” laughs Davey. “Our team knew that we had it in us to turn our luck around if we just worked at it. (Jukasa) will be the next level to prove that.”

“I’m not sure if you could really call us a ‘favourite’ going into the weekend – but that doesn’t really matter to us,” continues the multi-time division champion. “We want this more than anyone else does.”

The Innisfil, ON-based racer has tallied a pair of wins in weekly action at Sunset Speedway already this year and plans on continuing his 2018 hot streak into the Super Stock portion of Jukasa Motor Speedway’s inaugural Canadian Short Track Nationals.

“I can say with absolutely seriousness that there hasn’t been a single night where we’ve had this car off of the trailer and haven’t learned something,” notes Davey. “We’re going to bring all of that knowledge into (September 2nd).”

“No matter how we’ve run or where we’ve finished this year we’ve come away knowing a little bit more than we did when we signed in at the pit gate,” continues the fan favourite. “We’re either picking up something new that works or trying something that we find out definitely doesn’t work. Either way, it thickens up our notebook.”

For Davey, Jukasa’s crown jewel event is the ideal opportunity to showcase his program’s resurgence on the largest stage available.

“I’m looking forward to this weekend because it represents the chance to show the rest of the province just how far we’ve come in the last year,” explains Flyin’ Frank.

“That feeling is what kept us going when the results weren’t rolling in the way we wanted them to. You just chase that feeling of success every week. This sport can give you the highest of highs or the lowest of lows – so hopefully we can walk out of Jukasa on a high.”