Fourth-Generation Standout Carson Nagy Enter Flamboro Stock Car Nationals

Carson Nagy
MOUNT ALBERT, ON – Rising star Carson Nagy is the latest Super Stock competitor to file entry to this Sunday’s Flamboro Speedway Stock Car Nationals.

The 50-lap invitational event will mark one of the first large-scale races for the division this season, and is expected to draw multiple-time winners and past champions from speedways all over Ontario.

“A big win like this is exactly what we’ve been working so hard for,” says Nagy on the topic of what his team expects entering Sunday. “We want to prove to every other team in this province that we’re one of the best cars in the division. We’ve never doubted our abilities – and this season it’s all about backing all that up. This Sunday is going to be a huge test for us.”

On the topic of the level of talent expected to roll into Flamboro for the inaugural event, Nagy knows his team will be in for a workout once the green flag flies.

“We have to approach this Sunday with the same intensity that we do with any race we enter all season,” explains the Mount Hope, ON native. “There’s a really, really good chance that the field that rolls off the grid at the [Stock Car Nationals] is as strong as any we’re going to face all year.”

“There are some seriously big names coming out for this one,” adds Nagy. “This [Flamboro] division is as tough as it’s been in years and when you add in a ton of visitors it just makes things more difficult.”

And, while the thought of entering one of the season’s biggest invitationals as one of the hottest prospects in the division would be overwhelming for some young competitors, Nagy shrugs off any notion of his bluechip status distracting him ahead of ‘the Nationals’.

“Nobody could ever push or pressure our team as much as we pressure ourselves,” says Nagy. “We don’t accept anything less than our best every single time the trailer door comes down. This car has been a rocket for the first month of the season and I know that we’ll have a package on Sunday that’s strong enough to keep us at the front.”

“If we could come out of this deal with a win – it would absolutely be the biggest moment of my career so far,” continues the well-spoken teenager. “This might be the best group of Super Stocks you see race together all season. It would be a huge honour to have this win on my resume.”