Former Tour Winner Shae Gemmell Prepared for APC United Late Model Series Round 3 at Sunset Speedway

Shae Gemmell

DORCHESTER, ON – Fresh off of a 3rd-place finish at Sauble Speedway on August 22nd, fifth-year tour regular Shae Gemmell will head to Sunset Speedway on September 12th with his sights set on securing his first victory of the 2020 season.

“We’re thrilled to have a regular schedule again and be preparing for races,” says Gemmell. “The (COVID-19) pandemic has thrown a curveball at everyone and it just feels incredible to have a little bit of our normal lives back”

“We haven’t been the strongest car so far this year but we’ve definitely been in contention in each of our starts,” continues Gemmell in reference to his 6th-place finish at Jukasa and 3rd-place result at Sauble. “Coming out of Sauble, I feel like we finally have our car underneath us and we’re excited to keep moving forward”

The Dorchester, ON native hasn’t had his best performances at Sunset in years past and believes that his Gemmell Corrado Racing outfit is prepared to push through with their new setup and after reviewing their team notes on the Innisfal track.

“Sunset has been one of our toughest tracks with this car so we’ve been really looking forward to getting back there and changing our luck,” notes Gemmell. We’ve been putting in the hours and doing the homework and I do think that we’ll be rolling into Sunset with a package that can contend this time around.”

“We haven’t showcased how strong our car could be in our first two races this season,” continues the former Super Stock division standout. “Our goal is to keep improving and doing all that we can to get every last ounce out of our equipment. Sunset is our next chance to do that and I’m ready to leave there with a finish that we can be proud of.”

Shae Gemmell’s 2020 season is made possible thanks to Team Owners Pat & Maryanne Corrado as well as the support of North Country Property Maintenance, Standard Axle, APC Auto Parts Centres, Canusa Automotive Warehousing, Kell’s Garden City and Cabral Racing Promotions.