Former Sunset Speedway Champion Matt Bentley to Return at Sunday’s ‘Battle at the Beach’

Matt Bentley at Sunset Speedway 2017

GUELPH, ON – 2016 Sunset Speedway Super Stock champion Matt Bentley will make his first appearance of the 2017 season this Sunday, as his team prepares to invade Sauble Speedway for the first annual Battle at the Beach Invitational.

‘’I feel like we’ve been sitting on the bench for an eternity – it’s been way, way too long,’’ says Bentley in reference to his recent layoff. “I’m counting down the hours until that trailer door drops down on Sunday”.

“We’re just hoping to come out of the gate strong and remind these guys of just how good we are. Being gone for a few months doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how to get to the front”

After winning the 2016 championship at Sunset, Bentley has been relegated to the sidelines for the entirety of the 207 thus far due to lack of sponsorship. However, despite his long layoff, Bentley has every intention of picking up right where he left off.

‘’I don’t believe in race rust,’’ shrugs Bentley. “I think a good team is a good team, no matter how many nights off they’ve had. A good car is going to get you to the front. A good driver can go out there and know what he’s doing”.

“We believe, as a team, that we’re capable of coming back without it looking like we’ve missed a step at all,” insists the second-generation racer. “That’s why we have no problem at all coming back at a big event like this. There’s going to be a lot of big names there on Sunday and we think we can give any one of them a run. We’re not intimidated one bit”.

With a number of provincial heavyweights having already committed to Sunday’s show, the addition of Bentley only serves to deepen the field for what is likely to be one of the biggest shows of the summer.

‘’We’ve been racing as a team for a long time and we’ve never run from competition,’’ smiles the multi-time Sunset Speedway winner. “We want to be a part of all the big shows. We want to race the best guys possible. That’s what has us all so amped up for Sunday night”.

“The big names are talking about being at Sauble this weekend – so that’s where you’ll find us. We want to hit the ground running. We expect a lot out of ourselves and we’re not going to be leaning on excuses because we haven’t raced in 9 months”.