Flamboro Speedway Champion Matt Lockwood Looks to Continue Rise during Frostoberfest Weekend

Matt LockwoodDUNDAS, ON – One week removed from clinching his first ever Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model championship, rising star Matt Lockwood will be back in action at the Hamilton-area bullring this Sunday for the Grisdale Triple Crown portion of the speedway’s annual two-day Frostoberfest weekend.

“This season has been full of some pretty big moments for this team, but I think if we can win the (Grisdale) Triple Crown it would be just as big as anything else we’ve ever done,” says Lockwood.

“Races like this are the perfect way to see exactly where you match up with the best guys in the division. Sunday is going to be as true of a test as we could ever ask for.”

The Grisdale Triple Crown – a Triple 50-lap Pro Late Model endurance test – will serve as the de facto headliner for the wildly anticipated event, and is expected to draw top-level talent from all across the province.

“Anytime you get a group of guys who are all used to winning in the same place at the same time, you know that you’re probably in for a long day of work,” admits the former Karting standout. “Three races in one afternoon is a huge test. You have no room to make a mistake, because if you hurt your stuff early in the event it’s going to kill your whole day.”

“We just have to race smart,” continues Lockwood. “I know that we have a good car and I’m confident in my ability to get around Flamboro and outrun anyone who’s trying to chase me – we just need to put it all together for the whole day.”

Lockwood’s ascension from an unknown commodity hungry to make a name for himself in the speedway’s headline division, to a Pro Late Model champion revered for being one of the most intriguing competitors in the entire division has been far from an overnight sensation.

And, after years of hard work, Lockwood could not be happier to finally enjoy the fruits of his labour and further endear himself to Pro Late Model fans all over Ontario.

“It’s taken us a long time to get to be in this position,” muses Lockwood. “I mean, we’ve worked a lot of hours and gone through a lot of nights where it felt like we were just banging our heads against the wall trying to bring this car to life.”

“I couldn’t be any more grateful – it’s an unbelievable feeling to see all of your efforts start to pay off,” continues the third-generation star. “We’re bringing a car that can win on Sunday. If I can hold up my end of the bargain – and avoid all of the wild moments that three races in one day can throw at you – then I know we’ll be in the mix at the end.”