Flamboro Champion Nick Troback Ready to Role at Frostoberfest

Nick Troback

HAMILTON, ON – As Flamboro Speedway readies itself for its lauded Frostoberfest weekend, Thunder Car track champion Nick Troback is preparing his familiar No. 73 for the event’s perennially entertaining twin 30-lap feature contest.

Troback has garnered early praise as one of the event’s heavy favourites heading into the two-day show, which has only served to motivate the 2017 Flamboro Speedway champion.

“To be considered by your peers as a tough guy to beat is a huge honour,” explains Troback with a smile. “As a team, we don’t take that lightly. That kind of reputation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the sort’ve thing guys work their whole career for”

“We’ve had an awesome season and I’ve never felt better about how our team matches up against the top guys,” adds the Hamilton, ON veteran. “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity this weekend to showcase how good we are”

And, while Troback is well aware of the elite-level talent that will descend on his hometrack this weekend, he also makes sure to reinforce Flamboro’s reputation as a difficult facility for outsiders to succeed at.

“Flamboro is no joke,” offers Troback matter-of-factly. “It’s just a tough place to win at – no mater who you are. If there’s such thing as a hometrack advantage, I’m sure I’ll be grateful for it on Sunday”

“[Flamboro] is just not the sort’ve place you can walk into and master in a few hotlap sessions,” continues the longtime speedway regular. “It’s different than any other track in the province. You can be the big dog somewhere else – but it’s an entirely different experience when you roll onto that speedway”

When asked his opinion on Flamboro’s hallmark event, Troback reiterates just what the two-day show means to every driver in Ontario, but emphasizes the race’s significance to those on the Flamboro roster.

“I think every driver in Ontario can agree on what this event means and how important it is,” says Troback. “But, it’s especially important when you’re a Flamboro regular”

“I don’t think I’m different than any other driver on the [Flamboro Speedway] roster,” adds the well-spoken standout. “This is Flamboro’s biggest race of the season and we all want to turn in our best performance possible. We know there’ll be guys there from all over – but I think the [Flamboro] regulars are going to be real tough to beat. We all want that igloo trophy.”