First Jukasa Win a Marquee Moment for Phil Bozell

Phil Bozell at Jukasa Motor Speedway

HAGERSVILLE, ON – Michigan standout Phil Bozell ended his streak of Jukasa Motor Speedway ‘close calls’ on Saturday, winning the 2019 edition of the Outlaw Shootout and collecting a $10,000 payday in the process.

Bozell out-dueled some of the top Outlaw Super Late Model talent from Ontario and the Midwestern United States to capture his first ever Jukasa victory.

“Man it was so cool to finally get a win there,” Bozell offered. “We’ve had awesome cars there every time we’ve raced Jukasa but we just haven’t been able to close the deal. But, every time we load up after a race in Ontario, we have a bigger notebook and we know what to do next time to be even better. This weekend all of that finally paid off.”

Bozell had previously tallied finishes of 2nd and 3rd at the facility and felt as though a breakthrough win was merely a matter of time.

The Portage, MI veteran capitalized on late-race mechanical failures for early contenders Tyler Roahrig and Cayden Lapcevich, taking the lead and never looking back.

“It’s funny because my kids are actually huge (Tyler) Roahrig fans so they were sort‘ve bummed that we weren’t able to race with him the whole night,” laughs Bozell. “Any time you lose a good run because of a mechanical deal it’s a tough pill to swallow. But, with that being said, I’ve lost a few of those myself, so I’ll absolutely take it when it comes back around for me.”

Bozell’s Tony Leclair-owned outfit finished one spot ahead of his father – Michigan legend Andy Bozell – further ensuring that the ‘Shootout’ victory would be a moment not soon forgotten in the Bozell household.

“It was a pretty awesome moment to be able to finish 1-2 with my Dad at an event like that,” explains Bozell. “I can’t thank Tony Leclair enough for making sure we had the car and motor to get the job done. He deserves a ton of credit for what he’s built with this team. We’re a great fit together, because he loves to have fun but he hates losing every bit as much as I do.”

“This whole weekend was a big team effort,” continues Bozell. “My family and close friends came together to make it all possible and I’m so appreciative of that. It’s always an awesome experience to come up to Jukasa because of the venue and the staff and fans there – it’s a place unlike anywhere else we race all season.”

“I hope we get to keep coming back year after year. I can promise our team will be there next year to defend our win and see if we can’t go back-to-back. When a speedway puts on a show of this caliber, it’s real tough not to come back over and over.”

Phil Bozell’s 2019 Outlaw Shootout victory was fueled by Leclair Racing, Amsoil by Lynn Peterson, Next Generation Lawn Care, Performance Engineering Race Engines, Sweet Manufacturing, Lane Automotive, Allstar Performance, Outerwears, FK Rod Ends, Barrett’s Smokehouse and Purity Cylinder Gasses.