Ernie Fumerton “Looking to start putting together some Top 10 Runs “

Ernie Fumerton at Sunset Speedway 2017
ALLISTON, ON – In a division brimming with well-funded short track powerhouses, blue-collar veteran Ernie Fumerton exists as a refreshing throwback to another era.

Fumerton’s family-run program spends only when necessary, works harder than most and are distinctly proud of representing an alternative to the new norm that has taken hold in modern Late Model racing.

“We’re comfortable with who we are as a team and how we conduct our operation,” says Fumerton. “I think the sport has gotten to the point where people get too caught up in the frills and the extras and they forget about what it’s all about. Our group is more than happy to be the ‘little guys’. We play that role very well”.

“I’m never going to have the newest rig and the biggest trailer in the pits – and I’m fine with that,” continues the Former Sunset Speedway Super Stock champion.

“When the hell did that become important? We can’t spend our way to the front and don’t want to start pretending like we can”.

Since earning a pair of Super Stock championships almost a decade ago, Fumerton has relied heavily on research, strategy and equipment preservation en route to success.

“I’m fortunate enough to be able to call some of the best minds in the sport my friends,” offers Fumerton. “And, when you speak with guys like that, it reminds you pretty quickly that there will always be room to outwork and out think your competition”.

“That’s what’s important to me. I don’t see any skill in comparing bank accounts and buying a new chassis every season”.

Fumerton enters the 2017 campaign intent on earning his first career Late Model victory. And, despite operating with a budget dwarfed by many of his competitors, he remains unwilling to compromise on his continual pursuit of improvement.

“I’ve had people try and tell me that our team is crazy for thinking we can compete with a budget like ours,” sneers Fumerton. “That’s fine with me. It really is. I’ve always been a little bit different. I’ve always tried my best to think outside of the box”.

“Our team isn’t looking for anyone’s approval when we’re at the speedway. We’re there strictly to outrun the rest of these guys by any means necessary. We would never run our program any other way”.

“We’ve come light-years from where we started,” continues the Alliston, ON native. “That’s how you measure our team. We’re going to continue to grow. I don’t know if that necessarily means we’ll have a gang of wins or podiums or even top-5’s at the end of this season – but I can guarantee it means we’ll be better than we were at the beginning”.