Eric Yorke Prepared for New Approach in 2018

Eric Yorke
MILTON, ON – With a newly reduced schedule for his family-operated team and a new tire rule to contend with in the Sunset Speedway Mini Stock division, it seems as though the 2018 season is going to be all about changes and new beginnings for former champion Eric Yorke.

“I think every driver on the Sunset [Speedway] roster is trying to figure out how to approach their setup package this season,” says Yorke. “This new tire that they’ve put us on is going to throw a curveball at what guys have been doing for years.”

“It’s tough to feel overly confident in your program when you don’t know how the tire is going to react or what you’re going to need to do to get the most out of it. It’s almost as though you have to throw out everything you’ve figured out in the last few years and start over.”

When asked how many events he intends to enter this year, Yorke is cagey to commit to a number of dates – but insists he has no plans of chasing a second career Sunset Speedway title.

“I’m not entirely sure how many nights we’re going to do this year – but we’re definitely going to take a step back from fulltime commitment,” explains the Milton, ON native. “The plan is to have fun this year and not get caught up in all the stress and pressure that comes with watching the standings every week. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”

“Wether we’re race two or twenty-two nights, our goal is always to work through the off-season to make sure we’re as prepared as we could possibly be on opening night,” adds Yorke. “We’re full of new ideas on how to make this car better and what I can do to be a better driver.”

And even though he’s not likely to be a part of it, Yorke sees the pursuit for the 2018 Sunset Speedway Mini Stock championship as an increasingly interesting endeavour.

“With all the change that the division has had in the last few months, I don’t know who to point to as a favourite for the points title,” says the veteran. “Whoever figures out the new tire is going to have the advantage. But, the first few nights are going to be a total crapshoot.”

“You’ve got a lot of good guys that have moved up a division and others like us that have stepped back from racing every Saturday – so it’s definitely shuffled the deck,” continues Yorke. “This could be a year where you see a team come from out of nowhere to surprise some people.”