Eric Yorke Looking Forward To A Open Schedule for 2018

Eric Yorke
MILTON, ON – After spending just short of a decade as a fulltime member of the Sunset Speedway Mini Stock roster, former champion Eric Yorke has announced his team’s plans to alter their approach to the 2018 season.

The multi-time feature winner will not commit to a single speedway this season, opting instead to pursue an ‘outlaw’ schedule for the first time in his career that will see him compete at speedways across Ontario as opposed to chasing a divisional championship.

“Our team is at a period now where we’re more excited to pick and choose where and when we race,” explains Yorke. “We’ve been points-racing for a long time and I think we’re all just really interested to see what it’s like to go out on the road a little bit and chase wins at a few different speedways. I’m excited to switch things up a bit.”

Yorke finished 4th in Sunset Speedway standings en route to placing 1st in overall in NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III points.

“We’ve been on the weekly grind for a long time now and we’re ready for a bit of a breather,” admits the Milton, ON racer. “When you’re racing for championships, it’s 20-something weeks at the speedway every season. That’s a lot. It’s a lot of hours, it’s a lot of work and it’s a lot to ask of your family and team.”

“Don’t get me wrong – I’ve loved every year that I’ve spent at Sunset,” insists Yorke. “But it takes a lot out of you to stress about points every week. I’m looking forward to putting together a season that’s strictly about having fun.”

And while it’s clear Yorke will be scaling back his number of on-track appearances in 2018, the veteran is unsure of just how many races will comprise his season.

“We don’t really have a number yet,” shrugs Yorke when asked how many races he intends to fill his 2018 schedule with. “It’s all going to depend on what the speedways decide to do as far as big shows and invitationals are concerned.”

“I’ve never won at Sauble before – so that’s pretty high on my list right now,” continues the perennial front-runner. “We’ll be at all the Sunset specials, I’m sure. And, from there, it just depends on how we feel and where we want to race.”