Eric Yorke Hoping to ‘Keep Things Simple’ in Bid for 2017 Mini Stock Championship

Eric Yorke Sunset Speedway Mini Stock Feature Win 2017
MILTON, ON – Less than a week removed from his fourth feature win of the 2017 season, Eric Yorke is riding high in his pursuit of a second career Sunset Speedway Mini Stock championship.

By comparison to many teams in the pit area, Yorke’s family-owned effort is the epitome of the ‘built not bought’ mantra preached by virtually every Mini Stock competitor in the division’s early days. However, as costs continue to rise and the entry-level class moves further and further away from its roots, Yorke’s approach is a refreshing throwback.

“We’ve seen how much this division has changed and evolved over the last five years,” says Yorke, “it’s a night and day difference from where things were when we ran our first full season ten years ago”.

“But we’re still here doing things our way,” adds the former Sunset Speedway champion. “We know the sport isn’t ever going to go backwards. But, it’s important to us to stay true to who we are. We’re running this team the same way we always have – and it’s been working real well for us lately”.

While Yorke is proud of his humble operation, he admits his strategy and approach is a means of necessity more than anything.

“Our team has to run on hard work and research because we don’t have a choice,” laughs the personable veteran. “I mean, it’s just not an option for us to go out and lay down $5,000 any time we feel like our program needs a shot in the arm. If other teams can do that – good for them – but we’re going to hold out and just keep things simple”.

Now, on pace for a record season, Yorke can’t help but smile when referencing his self-designed ride – built new for the 2016 season – as the best he’s ever had.

“This might just be the strongest car I’ve ever driven in my entire life,” admits Yorke. “I mean, every time I feel like we’ve topped out with it, we find something and just unlock a little bit more. It’s incredible. Every single week it’s a little faster and picks up a little better”.

“[Saturday night] I was able to put this car anywhere I needed to,” continues the Milton, ON product. “No matter where it went, the car responded. That was the difference maker when it came to winning that feature. Any time you’re in a car that can do that – it’s tough to explain what it does for your confidence”.