Dustyn Mombourquette Ready for new Chapter in 2019

 Dustyn Mombourquette

BARRIE, ON – Although his 2018 campaign was dotted with moments that properly showcased unmitigated potential, second-generation racer Dustyn Mombourquette struggled to find the week-to-week consistency necessary to join the upper echelon of Sunset Speedway’s perennially deep Super Stock division.

However, with another year of experience under his belt, the Barrie, ON native is confident in his family-owned team’s chances of turning a proverbial corner in 2019.

“We spent a big part of (our 2018 season) just trying to wrap our hands around the car,” admits Mombourquette. “When you’re putting all of your energy just trying to get the car to a neutral place – it really keeps you from fine-tuning and improving the little things that you need to do to be a threat to win every Saturday.”

“But, as much as we struggled with issues last year, we came out the other side with a thicker notebook and a lot more confidence in ourselves,” continues the up-and-comer. “It was a lot of work – and a lot of headaches – but in the end it was worth it. I really believe that it made us better.”

For 2019, Dustyn and his Father/Crew Chief John Mombourquette (a former Sunset Speedway feature winner in his own right), plan to debut a freshly built chassis that they hope will be instrumental in propelling their familiar No. 6 into title contention.

“We’re putting together a piece that I think is going to include all the lessons that we’ve picked up over the last three seasons,” smiles the well-spoken teenager. “Everything we’ve worked through with our last chassis is going to make this one even better.”

“My Dad’s always told me that it’s important never to waste a lesson. I’ve definitely had to learn more than a few things the hard way, so hopefully I can find a way to use those lessons and hit that next level in this division.”

On the topic of returning to Sunset in 2019, Mombourquette notes that the decision to be back at the Innisfil-area facility was an easy one to make given the depth of Super Stock talent that have already committed to being at the facility fulltime.

“I don’t think there’s any other way to get better than to race against the best teams possible,” Says Mombourquette. “I mean, I look around the pits at guys like Brandon Passer and Coltin Everingham who, four of five years ago, were in the same spot that I am now. They were sort’ve on the outside of contention, but they kept after it and now they’re winning races and contending for championships.”

“I want to be where the best guys are – and right now that’s at Sunset. The faster the cars are that you’re racing against, the better you’re going to get. We could definitely haul out to a different track with a weaker division – and we might be contenders right from Day One – but that’s never going to make us any better. Doing it the hard way is going to make us better in the long run – I really believe that.”