Dustyn Momborquette Understands the Importance of Setting A Positive Tone in Season Opener

Dustyn Momborquette
BARRIE, ON – After having shown flashes of brilliance throughout the 2017 Sunset Speedway Super Stock season, Dustyn Momborquette knows just how imperative it will be to turn in a strong performance during this April 28th’s season opener.

“In a lot of ways I think Opening Night is the most important start we’re going to make all year,” says Momborquette. “When you work all Winter on your stuff, you really need a good performance on Night One to sort’ve justify all those hours. It sets the tone for your team.”

When asked his expectations for April 28th’s event, Momborquette drew a comparison to his team’s success during Sunset Speedway Opening Night in 2017 and the impact it had on the family-run program’s season.

“Last year we came out and won our first heat of the season and it did a lot for our confidence,” explains the second-generation racer.

“We showed ourselves what we were capable of and it gave us a base to build from for the rest of the year. That’s exactly what I’m hoping to do on Night 1. Last season we won a heat race – this season I’m looking to win the feature.”

And, while there are undoubtedly nerves entering the first race of the season, Momborquette insists that he plans on keeping the tension to a minimum come April 28th.

“We’re going to keep the pressure off of ourselves and just stick to what we know we can do,” outlines the teenager. “My plan is to keep the fenders on and the wheels straight and get the most out of my equipment all night. If I hit my marks the way I know I can, then we’re going to be in a good position to end up P1 at the end of the night.”