Dustyn Momborquette Continues To Impress in Super Stock Competition

Dustyn Mombourquette Heat Win 2017
BARRIE, ON – With an impressive – and perhaps pleasantly surprising – 6th place finish in Week 1 of the Sunset Speedway Super Stock season, Dustyn Momborquette could very well be considered an early contender for the speedway’s breakout star of the 2017 campaign.

“Saturday was awesome for our whole team,” smiles the teenager. “Right now, confidence is so important for us. Especially for me. Knowing that we can come out and run with some of these bigger teams the way we did on opening night – it’s awesome. It’s a brand new feeling for us”

After two seasons of full time Super Stock competition, Momborquette is beginning to show the signs of a young driver whom has learned from a bevy of mistakes and is more than ready to take a pivotal step towards divisional contention.

“Last year was really up and down,” admits Mombourquette. “We stumbled a lot. I had a lot to learn from the beginning of the season until the end – but it’s all part of the process”

“I’m not ashamed of it,” adds the soft-spoken up-and-comer. “I know that everything that happens is eventually going to make me better”

The son of multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner John Momborquette, Dustyn is quick to note just how important it is for his family-run team not to take things too serious.

“My dad has always made me promise that no matter how hard we work at this – we make sure we enjoy it,” explains the second-generation racer. “It’s a lot of time. It’s a lot of work. But, so far, I’ve loved every minute of it. We can’t snap our fingers and speed through the learning process – so it’s best to enjoy the ride”

And while Momborquette’s team are riding high after their first start of 2017 – their young driver is well aware that his work is far from over.

“I’m not going to put pressure on my team and I to come out and duplicate what we did on opening night,” shrugs the third-year competitor when asked of any possible predictions for Week 2.

“Right now I’m still learning. And the only goal is to make sure we use all that we’ve picked up from one week to the next.”