Dustin Jackson Excited for Sophomore Super Late Model Campaign

Dustin Jackson 2017 Super Late Model
SAULT STE MARIE, ON – Teen aged rising star Dustin Jackson has confirmed his plans to return to competition with a full slate of Super Late Model racing in 2017.

The second-generation racer’s schedule will be comprised of the full Fast Eddie Racewear Series schedule at Sunset Speedway, Jakusa Speedway’s open Super Late Model invitational and Flamboro Speedway’s Gold Rush.

“Having the chance to put together a second full season in a Super [Late Model] in the biggest opportunity I could have asked for,” says Jackson. “I don’t think I went a lap without learning something last year. I just want to keep improving. I know we can be better as a team – it’s just going to take time”

After an up-and-down rookie campaign, Jackson notes the initial foray into Super Late Model racing was an eye opener for his family-owned operation.

“The step up to the Super Late Model division was different than anything I’ve ever experienced,” admits the Sault Ste Marie, ON native.

“The competition is more intense than I could ever have imagined. It was a steep learning curve. Racing with these guys makes you better because they absolutely are some of the best around”

With a 2016 Sunset Speedway podium finish already to his credit, Jackson is more than ready to continue building his Super Late Model resume.

“I think we did a good job showing that we belong last year,” says Jackson with confidence. “We came in with less experience than just about anyone else on the roster but we were able to run in the front half of the field in every one of our races”

“We’re not intimidated by the teams that have more laps than we do,” adds ‘The Natural’. “We can contend for wins as long as we can keep going at this pace. That’s our number one intention this season”

However, the fan favourite stops short of predicting just how many podium finishes his No. 61 will collect in 2017.

“I’m not ready to start calling our shots yet,” laughs the teenager. “Our goals are pretty reasonable right now. I mean, if we can load up in one piece at the end of each race our entire team will be happy”

“I just want to get everything I can out of our equipment,” adds Jackson. “As hard as my Dad and the rest of these guys work to give me a good piece, I want to run every race knowing that I worked just as hard from inside the car.”