Double Header weekend on Deck For Johnny Paradzinski

Johnny Paradzinski

ALLISTON, ON – 2016 Sunset Speedway MIGHTY Division champion turned Mini Stock rookie Johnny Paradzinski has announced his family-owned team has filed entry for Sunday’s ‘Chase for the Colours’ event at Peterborough Speedway.

The July 1st contest will serve as a preliminary qualifier to October’s Autumn Colours Classic and is likely to pit Paradzinski toe-to-toe with some of Ontario’s premier Mini Stock talent.

“I’m always excited for a challenge – the bigger, the better,” smiles the well-liked freshman. “It’s a big deal to have the opportunity to go out on the road and race at a new facility. We’ll be up against some fresh competition and that has us pretty pumped up too. We’re really looking forward to stepping off the porch on Sunday”.

With drivers from across the province expected to converge on Peterborough for their chance at winning ‘the Chase’ and qualifying for the pole position at the Autumn Colours Classic, the rising star knows just how much a Sunday afternoon victory could mean.

“I’m expecting one of the best fields we’ve raced against all year,” says Paradzinski. “‘The Classic’ is one of the toughest races to qualify for all year. I mean, they can get 50 cars there for 20-something spots. We know how important it is to start at the front in that kind of race – and so does everyone else”.

“Winning would be a huge moment for us,” says the Alliston, ON driver. “We’ve been making gains every Saturday. We’re getting stronger. It’s showing in our (Sunset) results and I’d love nothing more than to get out on the road and show these guys what we can do away from home”.