Donovan Price Relentless in Pursuit of Peterborough Mini Stock Championship

Donovan Price 2017 at Peterborough Speedway 2017
OSHAWA, ON – Although his 2017 season has not exactly carried an enviable tide of good fortune, championship hopeful Donovan Price insists he is unwilling to take a step backwards in his drive towards a first career division title.

“I’m not sure there’s been anything else in racing that I’ve wanted as badly as I want to win this Mini Stock championship,” says Price from his team’s Oshawa, ON race shop.

“I think the fact that I know we have a fantastic team and a great group of sponsors and a fast car is what’s pushing me forward more than ever. I’m not willing to settle for less – I want to prove that I’m the best guy on this roster”.

Price suffered heavy damage to his lone chassis in July 8th competition at the speedway after an incident with another competitor during a qualifying heat race. After a number of late-nights and extensive repairs, Price’s familiar No. 96 is ready to resume its pursuit of a track championship and the experience as a whole has done little to dampen Price’s notorious self-belief.

“There’s no question that almost destroying our car a couple weeks ago was a huge speedbump for us – but it’ll take more than that to put us out for good,” offers the veteran.

“I didn’t even have the car home from the speedway before my phone started blowing up with guys offering their rides for me to finish the year with. It was awesome to know how many people had my back and want to see me win this championship”.

“We took a lot of damage that night, but we’re rebuilding and we think we’ll be able to finish out the year with our car,” continues Price. “But, should something else happen, our team knows we have support all over Ontario willing to step up and loan us a car if we need it. That’s motivation all on its own”.

At present, Price sits 3rd in the Peterborough Mini Stock standings, 29-points behind current leader Noel Snow and 2-points removed from runner-up Kris Khan. Still, Price insists his team is prepared to push on through the second half of the season.

“The competition hasn’t been any tougher than we thought it was going to be,” shrugs Price. “We knew this wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. But, at the same time, we have a lot of confidence in our ability. We think we can win because we know that we’re the best team here. That’s what got us through that wreck and that’s what’s going to get us through the rest of this schedule”.