Donovan Price Excited to Return to ‘Big Track Racing’ during this Summer’s Jukasa Motor Speedway Super Stock Invitational

Donovan Price

COURTICE, ON – After a number of seasons spent campaigning in the Mini Stock division, veteran Donovan Price will return to the Super Stock class in 2018.

And, while he has yet to release a definitive schedule for his first year back behind the wheel of a V8-powered car, Price is positive he will be a part of September 2nd & 3rd’s 50-Lap Super Stock Invitational at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

“I don’t think there’s any question that this race could end up being the biggest that this division is going to see all season,” says Price.

“Nowadays, more and more guys are running smaller schedules and are being a lot more selective about when they race and where. But, everyone I’ve spoken to so far has said they’re going to be at Jukasa. The field should be unreal.”

For Price, a longtime Mosport Speedway and Kawartha Speedway competitor, the return to a big, fast, high-banked facility will be a trip down memory lane that he hopes will result in an impressive performance for his small self-funded operation.

“I think Jukasa is exactly the sort‘ve place that could make for some of the best racing that these cars will see all year,” notes the Oshawa, ON native. “Any footage I’ve seen of that speedway makes it look incredibly racey. You’re going to see multiple grooves and a lot of passes – and that makes for fantastic racing.”

“I’m the last guy in the world that’s going to be afraid of the speed,” continues Price. “I cut my teeth on big tracks and I feel like I have a style that’s better suited for places like Jukasa. I’m incredibly confident going there. The goal is going to be slowing some of these younger guys just how it’s done.”

Price hopes to focus the majority of his efforts this season on a short track program that will revolve around Peterborough Speedway’s weekly division, however he remains confident in his ability to design a setup package for Jukasa Motor Speedway that could very well guide him to an upset victory.

“I’m not sure anyone would be picking our team as a potential winner going into Jukasa – but that doesn’t really bother us at all,” shrugs Price. “I believe in myself. I always have. And I think that we have what it takes to roll in there and surprise a lot of people. We’ll be at Jukasa for sure – and when we unload we’ll be looking for the win.”