Dennis Cybalski Looking for Career Moment in Jukasa Motor Speedway’s Canadian Short Track Nationals

Dennis Cybalski
HAMILTON, ON – Longtime Super Stock regular Dennis Cybalski has made only sporadic appearances throughout the previous two seasons – having logged only a single start thus far in 2018 – but he’s made sure to have prepared his familiar No. 10 for action when Jukasa Motor Speedway hosts the inaugural Canadian Short Track Nationals next weekend.

“We haven’t done a whole lot of racing this year but there’s no chance we were missing Jukasa,” says Cybalski. “I’d do anything to make sure that our car is on track ready to go for the Nationals. That’s a date we’ve had circled on the calendar in the race shop from the very first day they put their first press release out.”

While Cybalski is an accomplished Super Stock competitor – with a win during the 2015 edition of Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest serving as his biggest to date – he’ll readily admit to not quite having a concrete strategy for the upcoming landmark invitational event.

“I have no idea what to expect and I think that’s part of what has me looking forward to this event as much as I am,” laughs the Hamilton, ON veteran. “We’ve never run anywhere as big as Jukasa. It’s going to be a crap shoot for just about every guy out there.”

“My job is going to be to adjust to whatever happens and try my best just to make it work,” continues Cybalski. “I think every team that’s headed to Jukasa is going to be out there with an idea of what’s going to work the best – and the guy that can change things up to fit the track is going to be the one with the best chance of winning.”

And, although Cybalski has more than a decade of experience in top-level Super Stock action, there’s no question that the Canadian Short Track Nationals carry a special importance for him and his family-owned operation.

“This race is the chance to go out and do something that you’ll remember forever as a competitor,” voiced Cybalski. “Who knows if they’ll ever have another Super Stock race at Jukasa. This could be the only one. And, even if it isn’t, they’ll never have one that’s as special as the first one.”

“We’re coming to make the show and do our best that will be a huge accomplishment on it’s own – but that’s not all this is about,” continues the soft-spoken veteran. “Getting on the podium would be one of the biggest moments of my career, without a doubt. But just being there is something I’m always going to remember. No matter where we end up finishing, being a part of this event is going to be a career highlight for our team.”