Delaware Speedway’s Great Canadian Race up next for Jason Parker

Jason Parker at Jukasa Motor Speedway 2017

PORT ELGIN, ON – Although it’s no secret the APC United Late Model Series season has not yet played out the way Jason Parker would have liked it to, there’s no question that ‘The New Age Punisher’ has plenty of fight left in him as his JP Motorsports team heads towards the final event on the 2017 series schedule – Saturday’s ‘Great Canadian 100’ at Delaware Speedway.

“We’re going to go down swinging – I can promise you that,” smiles Parker. “This team has the best equipment and the best brainpower that a guy like me could ever want. We’ve just found every way to make our season tough on ourselves.”

“We’re better than the results have shown,” insists the veteran. “I can’t possibly explain how badly I want this Saturday to end well for us. We need to close this season out on a positive note.”

Parker admits that Delaware’s demanding confines can make for a challenging endeavour, but hints that a strong run in qualifying could boost his team’s chances entering the season finale.

“Delaware is a place that will punish you for every mistake that you make,” says Parker flatly. “It can be an intimidating place to race at – there’s no question about it. If you get out of shape there, it’s going to end up costing you a lot of money. There’s just no two ways about it.”

“We have to be smart on Saturday,” adds the Port Elgin, ON product. “We need to make the right decisions and, maybe most importantly, we need to keep from digging ourselves a hole in time trials. The closer we can start to the front – the better chance we have being there when the laps start to matter.”

And if Parker is entering Saturday’s race with any sense of frustration as to how his APC Season has played out – he’s certainly not showing it in his pre-race strategy.

“I believe that having success at a place like Delaware has as much to do with your attitude as it does your equipment,” offers Parker. “You have to be ready to accept what’s given to you. You have to work with what you have. Because, if you force the issue, you’re going to give yourself problems.”