Dario Capirchio Heading to New Smyrna World Series Debut

Dario Capirchio

GILFORD, ON – Veteran car owner Bill Passer will return to New Smyrna Speedway’s World Series of Asphalt this February for the first time in several seasons.

Passer’s 2020 entry will he piloted by Ontario Limited Late Model veteran Dario Capirchio, with the 9-day mini-season marking Capirchio’s first ever trip to the famed Florida half-mile.

“This is an incredible opportunity that Bill has given me,” offered Capirchio. “The ‘World Series’ is one of those events that drivers from all over North America want to be a part of. Running for that many nights – back to back – against top-level teams is the ultimate test for a program like ours.”

“When you’re in equipment as good as what Bill gives us you know that you don’t have to worry,” adds the Gilford, ON native. “There’s no questioning wether or not it’s top-shelf stuff. You’re able to just hop in and know that you’re in a car that’s strong enough to contend.”

Since teaming with Passer in 2016, Capirchio has expanded his resume from that of a weekly Limited Late Model competitor to eventually include starts all across Ontario in both Super Late Model and Pro Late Model events.

When the tandem unloads at New Smyrna for their first assault on the World Series of Asphalt, Capirchio hopes to contend for top-5 finishes each night whilst working to find the right balance for the team’s recently acquired Pro Late Model ahead of what they hope will be a busy 2020 season back home in Ontario.

“We didn’t race as much as either of us would have liked last year,” offers Capirchio. “We’re aiming to change that in 2020. Having this Pro Late Model in the stable this year makes things interesting because of how many good events there are for these cars in our region.”

“The (World Series) is such a perfect way for us to get our program up to speed. When you aren’t racing it’s easy to feel like you’re getting behind on things, but when you can start this early and get 7 races under you back-to-back it’s the complete opposite.”

Although Capirchio is understandably excited for the opportunity that the World Series represents, the veteran knows that the gauntlet-style event comes with its own set of challenges.

“Racing back-to-back every single night is going to be brand new for me,” says Capirchio. “This is one of those deals where, if you run well, the glory is short lived and, if you’re struggling, you don’t have to wait long for the chance to turn it around.”

“When you’re racing against national-level teams in this event you have to know that you’re up against the best technology and the best engineers and teams,”

Dario Capirchio’s sponsors are; ROADTECH and JENCO.